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Save Money on Green Home Design

Design Fees

Design fees are the same for all projects and are calculated by the square foot. Our design costs will be very completive and the results will be highly energy efficient and will be built green to your meet your expectations. Our specialty is design of high energy efficient structures and building green systems and methods.
We can make finish recommendations but highly recommend an interior designer whom will specialize in those selections. Most clients have a lot in mind when it comes to the finishes. With exterior finishes, we tend to lean more toward green building practices using reduced maintaince finishes and materials that are green building friendly. As with this the homeowner is free to select.

We base our fees off a cost per square foot basis and is figured per page. Progress pages are at the minimum cost. The final cost is figured per square foot of structure on each finished page. Pages that carry duplicated content are priced at a reduced rate. Page notes are included and additional note pages are additional. Construction details are also per square foot drawn. During the design process it is recommended that review is done through e-mail and documents are produced and put in PDF format. Pages are printed and printing and shipping charges do apply. Whatever scale is desired can be accomplished. Our general scale size for blue print size documents is 1/4" = 1', also smaller sizes of 1/8" = 1' are available. Printing and shipping are at cost with printing shop and shipping receipts supplied. Structural engineering will be subcontracted with your local engineers and structural details will be inserted in corresponding pages. Structural engineering fees are at owners expense. Structural engineering is not included in our fees. Plan changes and or revisions after plans are completed are at additional cost. Additional project consultation is at no additional charge. Job site consultation, construction management, and construction services are available and are at additional charge.
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All Services done with auccuracy using cad
Floor Plans for You

Select and Purchase Your Building Site

Purchase your building site that will work well for your needs and budget. Make sure it has
water sewer and utilities. Know those costs, you don't want any surprises. If it has a
Home Owners Association (HOA) make sure you uderstand all regulations and dues.

Decide How Much You Will Spend

Give yourself a little cusion here. Expect some unexpected expenses. After shopping around
homeowners always seem to upgrade on the finishes, there is nothing wrong with this but have
the funds avilable. Unexpected costs do arise, large rock during excavation, markets change,
materials can go up as a result of large natural disasters.

Decide on Home Size

Decide on how many bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms or features you would like.
Size matters, bigger isn't always better, but your needs and desires should be listed. Your
budget may well determine size also.

Design Green, Build Green, What shade of green will your project be?

Building Green does come at some expense and effort. The end product will carry many
rewards and benefits. The occupants comfort in an high efficiency home will be the
largest benefits. Greatly reduced utility expense is a wonderful thing and allows owners to
save money for other pleasures. An investment in a built green home is a win win for the
occupants, increased resale, and low utilities expenses for the life of the structure.

Do You Want Your New Home to Produce Its Own Power?

This is a wonderful feature of a new high tech built green home. This is though a large
expense and needs to be decided right up front. If you can, it is a great great feature.
With a high performance building enevlope, this like your heating and cooling systems
can be downsized to meet your needs.
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