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With every building design will come the design of the foundation. The foundation will
be one of a few different styles. To make a high efficient building it will need to have a
high efficient foundation system. With the evolution of the high-performance vapor barriers,
foundation vents are a thing of the past. Many homes and additions are now built without
foundation or crawl space ventilation. The building code permits it as long as the crawl
space is conditioned which means the space needs to be insulated from outside temperatures. Tempered crawl spaces are those that are slightly heated. In other words, they are similar
to a basement. In a regular house with a basement, you don't have vents. The basement
may have one slightly opened heat duct. Or it may get its heat from heating duct trunk lines
or the heat radiating from the boiler pipes.
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Concrete Construction Methods for Energy Efficiency
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Energy Efficient Homes Designs
Concrete Foundations, Basements

Design and construction of conditioned foundation spaces will require concrete walls to be well insulated and waterproofed. The most cost efficient build is to us Insulated Concrete Forms or ICF's. The ICF materials are a stay in place concrete forming system that makes a well sealed foundation and leaves lots of building options for finish work. They also offer code compliant insulation values.